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About Our Story

From its humble beginnings, Seeds of Hope was created to assist those who need it most.

Every night, it is estimated that over 9,000 people experience homelessness in Western Australia. It's our mission to bring some aid each and every week.

With homelessness being the result of many factors, we aim to assist by bringing meals, clothing, bedding, personal care items into their hands to reduce the stress that living on the streets brings.

Every week we meet at Moore Street, next to Royal Perth Hospital at 4:45 pm with the assistance of a most wonderful group of volunteers. 

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Founder Spotlight

Source City of Perth - Spotlight on - Community Hero Terry McBrydie


After coming from a background of drugs and alcohol and experiencing homelessness himself, Perth local Terry McBrydie started seriously thinking about how he could possibly make a difference in other people’s lives.

“I discussed giving out meals to the homeless with a pastor at a Hay Street church and within two weeks, we started a meal for the homeless there on a Tuesday night. Before long, we had a team of 24 volunteers serving up to 150 homeless and needy people,” Terry said.

Terry noticed that there was a large demand for meals on weekends and started preparing meals from home in November 1994.

“Our hearts melted... after hearing that we were seeds of hope, we decided to take that name on board.


Now known as Seeds of Hope Services, we love to serve those in need. It has been a struggle financially at times over the years but we are still going,” he said.

During COVID-19, Terry said the virus wasn’t going to stop them providing for the homeless.

“Our team of 40 volunteers are a real treasure and they make things so much easier for us. Although there’s only two of us heading out at a time now, the homeless still need to eat and to know that we care no matter what the situation is. Homeless, they matter!”


Coming together as a Charity means we can bring more meals to more people when they need it most.

Our expansion needs your assistance to make that happen and we would appreciate any contributions.

You can donate your time, household items or monetary contributions to aid our cause.

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